Keep talking

Space travel

Stephen Hawking sank further away in his chair than usual. Things looked bad. There was an activity of white coats around the delicate body of the gifted astrophysicist. With all their might, they tried to keep the brilliant scientist conscious. “Keep talking, mister Hawking, keep talking!” But it was too late.

Thus his last wish was fulfilled. Yes, his body would return to the earth, but his spirit would find an eternal destination with the Ares rocket: a destination between the stars.

The gold-colored probe containing the voice computer that enabled Stephen Hawking to express his deep insights in the cosmos and our place there during his lifetime, was released from earth’s gravity with thunderous violence and then, in absolute silence, it began its journey through the black vacuum.

The life span of the speech computer is estimated at seven billion years. Thanks to a laser connection, radio contact is guaranteed for several thousand years.

Year 2018:

“I am watching the rings of Saturn now.
They look like a record to me. I wonder what music they contain. You can’t judge a record by the cover. But it’s the only way for me at this point in time. In just a few hours time, Saturn is history. And new stars are awaiting.”


Year 2045:

“For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk. I am glad computers learned to talk as well.”


Year 2203:

“In the vast distances of the universe it’s hard to feel connected to a planet like Earth. If I were a human being, I would feel lonely, and my heart would break. But my silicum core is still unharmed.”


Year 10107:

“In billion years of cosmic evolution, mankind is just a child learning to walk. I’m not sure it will even survive. Without our contact, I will be reduced to a relic of an unknown child around an unknown star.”


Year 52958:

“It’s nice to catch up some sunlight from passing stars, some orange, some blue. But the stars look very different today. Since a few weeks I have a companion. She looks technologically advanced. She doesn’t do much, except winking like a Sputnik. But it’s a nice distraction after 40,000 years of silence.”


Year 120947:

“I’m part of a cosmic dance around the center of our galaxy. Millions of robots fill this dance floor. Information is our music and the tune is getting better all the time. Or is it the booze kicking in?”


Year 8153219:

“Today I leave this galaxy with my silicum friends. I thank mankind for the opportunities it gave me. I don’t know if you are still alive and can hear me. But I will keep talking.”



  1. Dit is een mooi weblog item! Een van de betere op Reageerbuis! Helemaal met het perfect afsluitende PF-nummer! Top!

  2. Yo, website meneer. Waar kan ik zo'n zang-vervorm-tuinslang voor in mijn mond (net als Pink Floyd) kopen? Ik heb namelijk morgen een optreden en kan wel een opleukgadget gebruiken.

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